Friday, October 31, 2008

Final Speech

Final Speech For Professional Communication Speech
How to make the Tuna Sandwich
Sandwich History
•1st century constructers Egyptian buildings name Hiller Sandwich. •Who lived during the 1st century B.C and suffered to build-up the Egyptian building. •He started the Passover custom of sandwiching a mixture of chopped nuts, apples, spices, and wine between two matzohs to eat with bitter herbs. •Present to Jews the Palestinian Judaism. •Popular on that time and named from his name. How to prepare?
Ingredients. bread, an onion, lime juice, mayonnaise, black pepper powder, cucumber and tuna.
Step 1 •Open the tuna •Put in bowl •Mix the tuna with lime juice and bit of black pepper powder •Mix bit of salt ( if u want..!!) •Mix the mayonnaise together •Mix it all Step 2 •Peel-off the onion skin •Wash the cucumber and onion •Cut slice of cucumber and onion Step 3 •Take two slice of bread •Spread the mixed tuna top on bread •Put the slice of cucumber and onion on top of tuna nicely •Now our sandwich prepared to eat
Sandwich Market In The World.
•2005, market of sandwich in the world is 1.7 billion •2006 the market increase to 2.8 billion. •2007, it increase again to 3.6 billion.

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